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Keep your family and business safe and informed with our amazing features.

Track Unlimited Assets

Freedom to add an unlimited variety of asset types

Instantly Locate

Quickly locate all your assets from anywhere in the world

Manage All Your Assets

Monitor and view assets all in one place

Snap-Shot History

Unlimited history reports showing where assets have been

Receive Alerts

Set up speed and idle alert notifications

Create Geofences

Receive alerts when assets enter/exit geofence areas

Pinpoint is designed for everyone.

Experience a new kind of GPS tracking system that is easy-to-use,
compatible with all types of assets, and without limitations.

How It Works

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

Do More for Less with Pinpoint

With international coverage available for only $6/mo., it's a price that fits everyone's budget.

Affordable Pricing
Annual Subscription:
/monthBUY NOW
Instantly locate and track assets
Live GPS data - reports every 60 sec.
International coverage with select devices
Access to unlimited history reports
Receive entering/exiting alerts with geofences
Receive speed & idle alerts

Work Hard - Play Hard

With our durable weatherproof and water-resistant design, our GPS Trackers are capable to withstand all kinds of conditions.

Works on all your Assets

Compatible with all types of assets. Our GPS Trackers only require a connection to a 12V+ battery/power source.

The Best of the Best

Receive live GPS reporting every 60 sec. with our GPS Trackers. Compared to competitors, our service does more for less.

No Boundaries

Experience real freedom with International coverage. Receive live GPS location data from anywhere in the world.

" I highly recommend Pinpoint"

I needed an easy solution that could work on my business vehicles, and was thrilled to find out Pinpoint works with even my bikes, marine toys, and vehicles at home. I highly recommend Pinpoint to everyone.
Joel Ellis - Executive Director

Erik Silva

GM @ Oasis Boat Rentals

“ I own and manage a marine sport rental company, and summer months we are always slammed. It's great, but I knew there were customers we were missing out on because our team wasn't organized and know where our equipment was on busy days. A friend recommended Pinpoint, and it has really made a big improvement with our operations, plus the extra security provides is huge for us. “

Pinpoint really works

Melinda Perkins

Mother of Three

“ As a mother of three teenagers, I can honestly admit I was terrified of letting my kids go out on their own when they started driving. That was before I came across Pinpoint. It's so easy to use, and allows me to feel at ease because I know my children are practicing safe driving habits and can immediately help them in the unlikely event that they get in an accident. Thank you Pinpoint``

Life - Saver

Tim Clarkson

Hobby Farmer

“I run a small farm on the side, but even a small farm requires a lot of expensive equipment to maintain. I am away from the farm during the week, and wanted to make sure my equipment was safe from theft. Pinpoint is a no-brainer solution for me. It's not over-complicated, it's extremely affordable, and has everything I need to make sure my farming equipment is secure while I am away.``

Amazing work

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